Finally Ubuntu’s Zeitgeist is useful for me

I never understood the concept of Zeitgeist, which seems to be a service running in the back and recording what I do. In fact I just know about it’s existens by chance. One day I tried to find a certain file I knew I had used with a certain program and a short internet search revealed that there is a service built into Ubuntu.

The only things that I was however able to lay my hands on were settings of what Zeitgeist is recording and what it isn’t. So as I did not and probably to a large extent still do not know what the program is truely doing it made me feel uneasy. Specifcally as obviously there is no direct use for me.

That changed when today I stumbled across a program called “GNOME Activity Journal”. I have a screenshot added below which shows that this program displays you your activities over time. It is even able to display the files you opened in a pre-view mode which is very nice.

You find it when searching for gnome-activity-journal.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2014-06-01 21:53:22

Now this is useful to me. Often some of my pet projects are carried out in loose intervals and if an interval is getting too large I have trouble to recall what I changed or did the last time I was tinkering with it.