Using Californium in Eclipse

Why Californium?

When dealing with IoT on a technical level one of the protocols to look at ist CoAP. The Californium™ library is one of the rare libraries that provides the CoAP protocol on top of the secure DTLS protocol. Both CoAP respective DTLS are based on UDP.

So let’s go for it…

Setting up Eclipse for usage with Californium

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and the Eclipse you can install with the package manager is not featuring the required extensions:

  • EGit
  • Maven

So first thing is to install them manually.

Eclipse Install Menu

Select a site with Eclipse software

Eclipse Install Software Dialog. Select Site

Install EGit into Eclipse

Eclipse software dialog - Select EGit

Eclipse software installation - Egit

Install Maven Integration into Eclipse

Eclipse software installation - Maven

Import Californium into Eclipse

Importing a maven project into Eclipse

Select californium directory with projects


Setting up an own project using Californium